Being a writer, artist, and cartoonist, it's not easy to tick the right box for occupation. Some would say I'm all over the map. I say I'm having fun. If there's a common denominator in my work, it's probably that none of it should be taken too seriously - art is far too important for that.

The Time Pirates on the Pizza Planet

Book 1. Science Fiction

Success has never come easy to John Masters. In fact, success never seems to come at all. He makes a modest living as a comic book writer, and he hates everything about it - his job, his editor, not to mention his geeky readers. Then, one day his daily struggle at the computer keyboard is interrupted by a pirate ship from the future...

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The Time Pirates: Mutiny on Mercury

Book 2. Science Fiction

A pirate prophecy says that he who gains possession of the late Captain Malware's fearsome hook shall be king of the pirates. John, the lowly sprog, is a true believer in upward mobility, and despite having neither sea legs nor blue blood, decides to go for Malware's old title. But is it a prophecy or a curse? Or something different, all together...

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The Time Pirates: The Secret of Saturn

Book 3. Science Fiction

Trying to track down the previous owner of their ship - the elusive Sun Ra - the time pirates embark on a journey taking them from Birmingham, Alabama, in 1937 back to the Earth's Golden Age. Meanwhile, John unwittingly lays the foundation for a mass surveillance society on an interplanetary scale, while being closely shadowed by the FBI and the Gestapo...

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Happy Cows Go Wine Tasting

Comic strips

What could a bunch of cows possibly have to say about social media, consumer electronics and the general state of affairs in our Golden State out west?

Underestimate these spunky girls at your own risk. This comic strip shows they know more than just their alfalfa.

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Sex, Sedition, and Murder in Utopia.


William E. Riker created his own utopia and a religion to go with it. For half a century the self-styled "Father" Riker figured regularly in scandalous newspaper reports, but what did really go on in his cult at California's Holy City?

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A Giant Step : Nils Olai Hansen Goes to America


Three cultures meet on a small plot of land in Northern Wisconsin. A museum has been built to honor two of them. The third remains little known.

This is a book about fur traders and native Ojibwas at a Yellow River fort, but first and foremost it's the untold story of the hard-working fisherman, Nils Olai Hansen from the Arctic regions of Norway and his long voyage, hoping to create a new life for himself and his family in Grantsburg, Wisconsin.

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Jokers, Liars, and Dumb Clucks: The Curious Case of the Kensington Rune Stone


The Kensington stone alledgedly proves that white men had a presence in America long before Columbus, and even explored the interior of the continent. This is a look at the famous inscription, the people, and the times from the perspective of an artist. Is it a masterpiece from the 14th century or a modern forgery?

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