California Painter

An artist, writer and cartoonist based in San Jose, I have published, painted and exhibited from Europe to my adopted home state of California. My paintings are currently on display in Campbell and Sacramento, and in my cartooning career I have worked with a range of characters, from Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny to mascots for the International Olympic Committee.

These oil paintings on canvas have been done using classic techniques and materials. And they all celebrate the intrinsic beauty of California - the soft rolling hills, the majestic oak trees, the breathtaking vistas. To me, painting means exploring light itself, and no other place in the world can compare with sunny California.

One fixture of the California landscape is the cow. You see a herd on every hilltop, and these gentle creatures have over the years begun to invade my paintings and influence the direction of my art. In my series of whimsical cow paintings, cows are no longer humble producers of dairy products, but girls with attitude and pluck whose secret lives unfold whenever people look away. To me, California's happy cows are the real guardians of our state's spirit, symbols of California attitude and our singularly beautiful state.

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© 2013 Terje Nordberg.